Wednesday, January 21, 2004
State of the Union Address

First, I hope this would be the last SotU Address from GWB. I do not think I have the stamina or gullibility to sit thru one more of his deception sessions again.

Second, I think now that libertarians (fiscal conservative and social liberal folks) like Andrew Sullivan, who were fondly clinging on to hope, trying to dig out an absent compassion from inane words like "if necessary," ought to fess up now, and move on to other candidates (I would recommend Edwards). If Sullivan has any honesty at all, he would do that tomorrow in his blog.

Third, the President brought out his campaign strategy today - and its the basest of the base - two points - populist measures (however irresponsible, palace on the moon kinds they are), and that also failing, the argument that he is right this moment leading a war, and ought not be replaced. I hope Americans are awake to this.

More venting tomorrow.


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