Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Switching Channels

Hmm... Interesting. I agree with Mr.Hussein that such opening up channels between people of the two countries would help. It helps demystify the people on the other side, makes them look human.

Concept of people-to-people contact as a peace tool has been bandied about, mostly by the left, for some time now. The problem there is that they bring elites like musicians and otehr performers, and when they go back and talk about peace, people there do not trust them. Peace then becomes an elitist agenda, intinctively distrusted by the hoi polloi.

This might be a better way. One caveat though. I have noticed that the TV channels in India mostly reflect the lives of only the urban, upper middle class folks. This does not help. Sure, middle class ethos have that aura about them. But, a more balanced view of the population might help. TV channels should realize that they have a responsibility beyond entertainment.

PS: Thanks Mr. Ram Narayanan for the link.

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