Sunday, January 25, 2004
Why is Dean losing?

Look, I have reasons to like Dean. He is seen as a person with sane fiscal policy, a social liberal, a person with a mind open enough to adopt ideas from a Republican predecessor. But I do not. Why is Dean not able to attract new, unattached voters?

The answer, I think, explains, to a great extent, why Dean is losing. For all his plusses, Howard Dean has one big problem - he is seen as the Democrat version of George W.Bush. Both of them seem to suffer from this delusion of being a messiah. And it makes them too cocksure of themselves. After the experience with Bush, dems have developed an instictive revulsion to this. His raving after losing Iowa only solidified the view. Whoever sees Dean in that light, get alarmed, and starts thinking of the much more statesmanlike Kerry. This being the time when most primary voters are making up their minds (fully one third of the voters in New Hampshire will decide their vote in the next 48 hours), it is hurting Dean much more than the other mainstreamers (which essentially excludes Rev Sharpton and Rep Kucinich).


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