Wednesday, February 25, 2004

You could not be more mistaken in your opinion that I have been talking abt all these with a single point of reference. It is your jaundiced view, and I cannot do anything about it. To dispel your notion, I did make a subtle reference to how the state deciding 'moral' norms could land you in trouble. But, apparently, you did not get it. So, let me put it plain. If this had been 60's Florida, you and your roomie would be in jail under the co-habitation laws, and you know what? Those laws too were passed to promote families. And there is no contitutional principle that would protect you and not the gays who are fighting for their rights today - except the discretion of a bunch of people sitting in Washington, DC.

If you are comfortable with that idea, do continue feeling so. I respect your right to think so.

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