Thursday, February 26, 2004
Gay-rights issue

I had an interesting chat with a girl the other day about this gay-rights rucus. Being afro-american, female and having a lesbian sister, she was quite passionate about the things she said. Others with equally passionate views also joined in. While talking I also realized that this issue will touch the fundamentals on which this society (and society in general) is based. The reason I have been saying that this hasn't interested me is because it isn't big (yet) in India.

Rachit & Ramki, why TF do I have to keep repeating myself? I only said that unnecessary confrontation and spite should be avoided. Gays must demand their legal rights, and -- as John Kerry said -- try to effect cultural change in a step-wise manner, i.e. by accepting a separate label like civil union first, and then later seeing if there is a generational change in attitude.

Ramki, since you wanted to test my reaction to a real personal instance:-- if I was in India and people around made a big fuss about it, then yup, I would NOT share rooms with a female. I would do this out of consideration for the female roomie's reputation, and her and my parents. It all depends on how serious the situation is.

Main point in this post:
Taking the current debate further, does it seem to any of you that America may end up with an Indian-style non-uniform civil code? Where you designate yourself by a particular community-label, and you have a separate set of rights. That way, individual groups have the satisfaction that the purity of their cultural concepts is not diluted.
PS.: Ramki, now you see, even Rachit thinks you're taking this issue too personally, asking subtle questions that I don't get and all. Do I sound like a Hyderabadi who appreciates subtleties? :)

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