Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Here are my two cents on the whole debate about Government interference and gay marriage.

Carl, I know you are not following this issue and are not interested in it, but please remember that this is a major social phenomenon and has major ramifications. Today its gay rights.. tomorrow the govt. may decide to take away some of your other rights. At that time, would you still accept it at face and not create an issue? In my view, the issue of amending the constitution is an extreme reaction and a shamelessly political move. It pains me that the President of the most 'developed' and 'forward looking' country is taking his country back to the days of discrimination against the minority. The issue of gay marriage needs to be debated and it requires a significant mindset shift. its a question about change and resistance to change. Instead of debating it, the powers that be are being confrontational about it. Not a good sign. You talk about the in-your-face attitude being bad - are you suggesting that because they are in the minority they should shut up and not demand things and silently pay the price? If no, then what do you think is the best way to resolve this?

I am not an expert on the role of government nor have I read nearly enough, but from a purely humane perspective, it seems unfair to discriminate against a section of the society for what is perhaps not even under their control. Further, I see nothing wrong in using this issue to debate the role of government. The question really is about limits and where does the buck stop. It's a current issue and perhaps the most challenging. And as educated people we ought to be talking about this issue irrespective of our orientation.

I have a request for all - we might have differences of opinion, but lets refrain from taking it to the personal level. As is said in Hyderabad Blues, 'Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar' !


PS: will respond to some of Ramki's comments later.

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