Monday, February 23, 2004
It's BJP, Arif Mohammad Khan has made up his mind

This is very good. Arif Mohammad Khan is a person I respect a lot, a Muslim leader who actually thinks about bringing the community into the mainstream from the backwaters where they are stuck today. His resignation from Rajiv Gandhi govt after its shameful surrender to the hardline Muslim establishment in Shah Bano case is a point to note.

The demand for Uniform Civil Code from BJP sounds a lot like Bush's coded rhetoric about equality among organizations in funding for social projects - a thinly veiled signal to the right wing. With influx of people like Arif, and as I hear, Dr.Najma Heptullah, this demand could actually start representing what it is supposed to be - a genuine concern that the protection the law offers to the members of the majority should also cover the members of the minority communities.

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