Monday, February 23, 2004
Op-Ed Columnist: Theory vs. Reality: "Mr. Schumer said: 'Ricardo set up a model that served very, very well for a very long time. But now there are new facts on the ground.'"

Yeah, rite... worked very, very well for the European and American whites. Now that it is benefitting the Chinese and the Indians, it is suddenly wrong?

All this while, the West was arm-twisting the third world into opening its markets. While this was seen as exploitation by many there, the West always claimed it was simple free trade. The anger against the "exploitation" lies at the core of the anti-West feelings in many parts of the globe.

If the West now closes its markets, it would only prove what the anti-West brigade has been telling the people of the east all along - the West was just exploiting the third world. And that is not good, or safe, for the West.

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