Thursday, February 26, 2004
Re: Gay rights issue

Hehe.... Carl, though the last thing I want in India is a culture war over gay rights, it is not an issue that will not touch India ever. The first gay marriage on the Indian soil has already happened. A french man married his Indian lover, who happens to be a Goan, under French laws. The consular officer was the witness.

Another instance - my friend in India told me this. Apparently, Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan co-hosted the Filmfare(?) awards this year, and re-enacted the comedy scenes from Kal Ho Na Ho with its stong gay content. Later, a journo asked Shah Rukh about the fairly prevalent rumor that he is bisexual. Shah Rukh Khan simply shrugged, and topped it off with this: "I think it's high time we start respect people who are different."

Sure, this does not, in any manner reflect the situation among the common folks... just gives me a satisfaction of nudging Carl a li'l ;)

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