Monday, February 23, 2004
Re: My opinion on Gay Marriage Issue

Boss, we Hyderabadis are gross.

1) Now don't ask me to talk about what is "wayward" about homosexuality, because I intentionally made my post neutral on that issue. I only wanted to point out that _if_ I were in the anti-gay crusading group, I would think of a more intelligent solution than a legal ban on recognition gay union.

2) By "morality" in education, I mean inculcating a healthier mentality and way of living among the younger generation. I did _not_ mean Taliban-like teaching that goes like..."(1) Stone adulterers (2) Kill homos"...etc.

3) About the state's right to interfere in consensual citizen contracts, the same principle applies...to ensure that there are no harmful "externalities", and if the participants in the contract are "qualified" to be making such decisions. Pedophiles convince minors to elope, and even do it, over internet chat. That is an obvious case for the second part. The first part is slightly more fuzzy. It would sometimes take us back to the moral issue. I would express my opinion thru an example:

IMHO widespread prostitution (and even widespread casual sex) are detrimental to social health. The govt is responsible fo the overall (including moral) health of the citizenry. So perhaps regulated prostitution is a social necessity. It is like the gutters in the castle, as one Frenchman wrote. Without them the whole castle would fill up with sewage. So prostitution can be regulated. The "lowliest" (can't be helped) would converge on the lowliest, and so keep the undesirable limited to the lowliest. But prostitution should be isolated and relatively inaccessible, not be advertised, and periodically some participants should be embarassed and socially humiliated. Similarly, I strongly believe that pronography should be made much less accessible than it is today. Because unrestricted advertisement can tempt and lure individuals who could have continued in a healthier state of mind otherwise.

That should give you an idea of how I think of such issues.

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