Sunday, February 22, 2004
Re: My opinion on Gay Marriage Issue


1. Reg. the Age distribution every poll shows that support for gay marriage is higher among the 18-30 age group (in some polls, a majority support marriage). However, it is the baby boomers who are going to be dominate in the next three or four presidential elections. So, you cannot assume that law making is shifting anywhere else. It is not for nothing that Medicare is such a big election issue.

2. I agree that this is going to be an election issue - something that is not good for Democrats - and supporters of gay rights.

3. I do not agree that this comes down to X-Y factors. One, you cannot quantize the costs in social issues. Even if you, you should not decide issues based on that. Many times, the rights we have are enjoyed by us at the cost os some societal inconveniences. And yet, it is deemed important that we enjoy rights that the society suffers the inconveniences to afford everyone the rights. What the benefits are, we will never know.

4. Religious texts - well, I could not say much. May be Carl can help out there :).

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