Monday, February 23, 2004
Re: My opinion on Gay Marriage Issue

Okay, I am going to respect Carl's refusal to be drawn into a debate on the morality or otherwise of homosexuality...

Carl, I do not agree with your view on governmental role. I tend to believe that "overall health" is a definition that is broad enough to give government an unlimited power, for there is nothing that could not be related to public health. Besides, I certainly do not see any reason why a government that is empowered to regulate prostitution cannot be empowered to ban it. Why should that government deem it a social necessity? What guarantee is there that regulated prostitution will be okay for the "overall" health of the society?

And hey, if I am lured by pornography, that is nobody else's business. I do not see why I should let government control my libido, or the way in which I satisfy it. Once u Let's take even a serious issues, like pregnancy among unmarried women. I do not think there would be a huge opposition to the government if it says it has legitimate concern about the issue. However, if it were to be allowed to act to control it without restricting parameters, it has a broad range of legal options. Going along your logic, many states in US at some point had laws banning co-habitation of unmarried individuals of opposite sex. It is a gross violation of individual choice. However, it is an effective mechanism of controlling pregnancies! Thus, you see, government may be concerned to any extent. That, in itself, is not reason enough to enable it to expand its power or influence over our individual choices.

BTW, I disagree with both your contentions about prostitution - it is neither a necessary evil, nor is it that prostitutes (or their customers) should be periodically embarassed and socially humiliated.

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