Tuesday, March 23, 2004
The 9/11 hearings

Woke up enthusiastically to watch the hearings.. but couldn't stand them beyond a point. In a nutshell, both the Clinton and the Bush administrations screwed up. And general consensus was that nothing could have prevented the tragedy from occuring.

For some reason no one sounded confident that such a tragedy could be avoided in future. Lets hope nothing untoward happens.

On Richard Clarke, John Kerry chose not to comment on his book. Maybe he wants to make sure he gets the right response first time itself so that there is no question of flip-flopping. I am also interested in seeing Clarke testify before the commission tomorrow. The Bushies got hold of Clarke's resignation letter where he praised Bush's leadership during 9/11. As I said, these guys are great at media management and very very smart. What an offensive on Clarke. I can bet that 75% of the people would think of him as some kind of a political opportunist.

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