Thursday, March 18, 2004

I am very sorry to say this. But for some reason, u are stuck in the middle of last century when it comes to gays and gay rights.

> In fact, she told me these gays are dangerous predators who prey on young boys and homosexually rape them, causing immense psychological trauma.

Ask her to come to reality. This is the kind of bullshit that has been bandied about by people who have no real scientific study to back them up.

Moreover, just because there are rapists among heterosexuals, I cannot ask u to hide the fact that a guy sleeps with some girl. I do not see why the same should not apply to gays too.

And it is NOT a marginal issue. Suppose that there is a law that says interreligious marriage is wrong (and if my information is right, our society DID resist, and continues to have reisistance to such marriages), then instantly a couple of million marriages would be annulled, and millions of kids will be rendered into a legal limbo - essentially, bastardized. However, that would still be a very small percentage of Indian population. I wonder if Carl or any one else would feel that it is a waste of money to discuss such a hateful law is "wasteful!"

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