Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Clarke - Hitting too close to home

If I were Kerry, I would concentrate a lot on this. I would cry foul that Bush come clean on the intelligence failure issue. I would give a major speech in the Senate, and ask Bob Graham of Florida to second it as the Ranking Democrat in the Senate Intelligence Committee, with Edwards, Bayh and, may be, Landrieu joining in to boot, in demanding just why 9/11 happened. I would plead with Clinton to speak up, for, when Clinton speaks, it is bound to make headlines. If it becomes clear that Bush is not really that reliable even in homeland security, he will be much more vulnerable than he is now.

However, MOST IMPORTANT of all, I would give at least two major speeches enunciating my own beliefs on the issue. Democrats cannot win by simply criticizing Bush. They should tell us just how they would do it.

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