Sunday, March 28, 2004
Op-Ed Columnist: Awaking to a Dream

I had titled my post about the previous Thomas Friedman article "Poor Mr.Friedman dreams on." That is precisely what he has conceded in his column today on NYT :-) .

I can relate to what Mr.Friedman says. I feel the same despair that he does. Not a day goes, when I do not wonder (with heavy worry) just what kind of world we would leave for our children (if we do leave them a world at all). However, it is important that we realize that dreams mean something only till we empowered to do something, and when we are so empowered, we actually do something. In the free world, the best we could do to turn our dreams into reality is to create a leadership that strives to realize the dreams that we carry around.

It is this Bush has failed to do - miserably. All he has created are nightmares. Nightmares about terrorism, about Iraq, about the economy, about the environment.

That is why he needs to go. Now.

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