Thursday, March 18, 2004
Re: Nothing gay about India

Ramki, Rachit,
More on this later, but here's a quick response:

1) Of course people can write about homosexuality in India...in an appropriate publication; not in a place like Asia Times where we are trying to cover political and socio-economic news and analyses from a vast geographic area. The only major article about India that day was about gays. That is odd, and seems to me to be a gimmick of a lethargic hack.

2) As a tax-paying Indian citizen, I'll be damned if I find my legislators wasting public time and money arguing about a currently marginal issue like homosexuality at this point of time. As it is a lot of time is wasted by those rogues in politicking about genuine issues.

3) Gays are not really oppressed in India. People who decide they want to do it certainly can. Most others don't give a damn, and a few may laugh at their expense. That's all. In Bangalore there are well-known gay pubs. In Hyderabad there are plenty of gay addas in the old city, as per the gossip I got from a social-worker friend of mine. In fact, she told me these gays are dangerous predators who prey on young boys and homosexually rape them, causing immense psychological trauma.

4) Rachit, so to "prove" (to certain unspecified others) that we're a "progressive nation", we should start debating homosexuality, public nudity, etc?

5) Ramki, I didn't finish reading the article on AIDS you wrote. But there is little comparison between the social threat of AIDS epidemic and debating the morality of homosexuality in India. Secondly, would be nice if you can re-format the article to be black on a white background...much gentler on the eyes.

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