Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Richard Clarke controversy, Hannity, Media management

Caught up with the controversy about this book. The Bushies say its politically motivated. Such books normally are. But Clarke does raise several uncomfortable questions for Bush. Perhaps the first time that Condi Rice has been confronted directly. Scott McClellan was at pains discrediting everything Clarke said. These people are really good at turning the heat on anyone who questions their abilities and basically corner them. Kerry hasnt said anything on the controversy and am waiting to hear his remarks.

One of Kerry's advisors, a guy called Michael Meehan was clobbered on Fox news (dunno why I saw it), Hannity and Colmes. Hannity was brutal in his questioning and was clearly clearly partisan. Hate it when they say its fair and balanced. If I were Kerry, I would not let Mike on any other news show. Pathetic performance by him. I think he let Hannity successfully project Kerry as a perpetual flip-flopper. A neutral person watching Fox would certainly believe it. Mr. Kerry, better get out of ur vacation soon.

Also saw Jeanne Shaheen.. again not very impressed with her performance. The Republicans clearly have much more savvier and stronger spokespersons and seem more like the BJP in that regard. The Dems need to get their media management in place, else it will be a huge task combating Bushies massive war chest coupled with their much smarter media management.

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