Monday, March 29, 2004
Who has the future?

Poll Results on emerging leaders

I am not very familiar with any of these guys - they all emerged after I left India five years (!) ago. However, from what I read, I think Varun sounds like a decent bloke (full disclosure: I voted for him). Of course, his father has a despicable record. But I do not believe he should be punished for that. The fact that eminent anti-emergency leaders like George Fernandes, Vajpayee and Advani have accepted is a good sign that he is capable of transcending that barrier. He sounds like he has that tinge of idealism in him that is essential for political leadership. He also does not mind the grime that grassroots work throws at you. He has worked in him mothers campaigns. And at 24, he is still a baby!

Rahul.... well, I have an open mind. But of course, the burden of proof is more on him to make me see why he would be a good guy to lead - being the son of Rajiv Gandhi does not, AT ALL, suffice.

Jyotiraditya, Sachin Pilot - well, I do not know much abt them. Except that they had a Draupadi birth - they came into politics fully grown out of the fire of a family tragedy. That, in my sight, is a minus (Rahul also carries this burden).

Omar Abdullah. I must say that I dislike his father as much as I dislike Karunakaran. These are people who are absolutely irresponsible... very pure slime. However, Omar comes across as an interesting person. He has sustained the party - saved it from demise, at least. He has established himself in Kashmiri politics as an important figure thru some hard work. Interestingly, like Naveen Patnaik, he has pulled it all off though he did not even know the local language when he came in. If he can clean up the Abdullah name, he certainly has a future.

Some might think that it is sad that only scions are present in the list. Take heart. These are guys who are way too young. Prospective leaders of the generation after next - my generation (saying it feels good). There is a LOT of time for new leaders to emerge for that generation.

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