Tuesday, April 27, 2004
BJP’s feel-good backfiring as Cong hopes to form Govt sans allies

I was not shooting merely in thin air. Though, for once I wish my prediction does not come true. I don't know if India can afford another period of political instability. If the Congress does emerge in a position to form the government, Mulayam, Laloo, Pawar and maybe Mamta will hold the government to ransom. However, here is another possible scenario -

NDA does not get absolute majority. A congress led coalition can form a government. But differences emerge on who the PM should be. Congress wants Sonia but Pawar does not agree. If there is a stalemate, DMK defects and lends outside support to the NDA. Pawar is roped in as Home/Defense Minister, Paswan's party agrees to join NDA ranks. Mamta is dumped again and BSP/SP lend outside support to the Govt.

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