Saturday, April 24, 2004

A cool illustration of the regions that went to polls. Notice that in both Orissa and Karnataka, the regions that are mostly Congress have gone to the botth already (I was maybe exaggerating when I said Old Mysore area was Congress fort. There is, in fact, a big swath of BJP area in the Kodagu region (see west of Mysore). BJP could feel upbeat in the elections.

Again, in Orissa, Congress dominated areas have gone to polls. The southern belt, with Telugu population has generally been Congress areas.

As I said, Andhra is the worrying factor for NDA. The northern coastal belt has gone to polls, along with the Telangana region. The south coastal belt, just below the coastal regions that went to polls in phase 1 used to be TDP strongholds (Naidu belongs to the Kamma caste that dominates these areas). However, this time, he has to contend with his sister-in-law Dagubatti Purandareshwari (NTR's daughter), and her husband, former Union Minister Dagubatti Venkateswara Rao in these areas. In Cuddapah, he has to contend with the traditional domination of CLP leader YS Rajashekhara Reddy. In the extreme south Rayalaseema region (Chittoor etc), Congress has traditionally given TDP quite a fight. Overall, it does not look good for Naidu. He may rue the day he decided to gamble on the sympathy votes in calling early elections.

(Thanks Rediff for the illustrations.)

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