Friday, April 09, 2004
CRPF assaults Shaurya Chakra winner: "it involves America"
What kind of a cockamamie BS is that? This incident is highly condemnable, and needs to be investigated.

While we are at it, let me relate an incident that happened when I was walking near the consulate in Chennai the other day.... there was this humorous ad on teh banner opposite the consulate, and I took a picture of that. One constable came and asked me not to take pictures. I apologized (as it is an understandable security measure), offered my home address, phone number, and showed him my Ohio licence for proof. Remember, all these were done voluntarily.

Then came the part that irritated me the most - an 'inspector' walked in, and the constable related the incident to his superior. The inspector then sagely adviced me that I should not take pictures anywhere in Tamil Nadu without first informing a cop nearby! Now, surely, this is an overkill. What irritated me the most was that just a couple of days before this incident, I was taking pictures inside - take this - the Colombo airport! I challenge any one to argue that the Marina beach is more threatened than the Bandarnaike Airport. For most cops, this is just a way of displaying their authority - an immaculate display of the overwhelming behemoth that we call government in India.

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