Monday, April 12, 2004
>Hmph! In all this "flaying," how come Rahul Gandhi did not say just what is qualification is?! :)

Because his claims have always been vague. Here are the VARIOUS claims being made about this guys' scholarship, supported by an eager section of the media:

Apart from this, we have the unsettling revelation being made in a book by a Russian author, that Rahul accepted huge amounts of money from the KGB while he was "studying" in the USA. This is the book, available in Russian and English from our own libraries here:

Here is an important excerpt:

Here is the useful reference from which the author got her information, just for the record:

This is of immense significance, firstly because of the corruption angle, and secondly as solid evidence of how the pinkos had penetrated the Indian political system for such a long time. Lastly, here's a picture of our half-Indian retard with his Colombian girlfriend. The expression on his face is worth a million $$:

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