Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Inspiring Poem of the Day

Umm... dunno if I will keep doing it. But lemme start.

Today's is from Bharathiar....

"What I seek to do, should get done,
And I should always seek to do what is good.

I should have a determined heart,
and I should have a clear mind.

All the sins I have done should,
as snow in face of the sun,
evaporate in Your glorious presence, Mother."

For those interested, the Tamizh Version is

"eNNiya mudidhal vENdum
nallavE eNNal vEndum
thiNNiya nenjam vEndum
theLLiya nal aRivu vEndum
paNNiya pAvam ellAm
paridhi mun paniyE pOla
naNNiya nin mun ingu
nasindhidal vEndum annAi"

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