Tuesday, April 27, 2004
New Iraq Flag

This is the new Iraqi Flag, adopted by the Governing Council.

The most striking thing about the flag is the complete absence of the green of Islam, and the adoption of the crescent from Turkish flag (only other Arab flags containing the crescent are that of Tunisia and Algeria).

Blue is a very strange color to have for this flag - I do not know why a pattern so reminiscent of the Israeli flag was chosen. Also notice that the Shi'i black is also not present. I do not know why yellow represents Kurds either (except for the remote relationship that the Kurdish Autonomous Province had an yellow sun at the center of its red-white-green tricolour flag).

Overall, this is bound to be seen as an effort to tear away Iraq from its Arab roots - it is a complete departure from the black-white-red pan-Arab flags.

The flag bears no history at all - in a land that is hosted one of the world's oldest civilizations, as if to say that they are going to build a new civilization and not just a state system - that is not a good message to send.

Ironically, if the UN had proposed the same flag, it would have had a lot more meaning - blue usually representing the world body.

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