Saturday, April 10, 2004
Newindpress.com - Will Rajni go saffron?

There has been a talk of the AIADMK-BJP front taking a beating in TN. I was, and am, not too enthused about BJP's born-again alliance with Amma. IMO, BJP should have dared going it alone and tried picking up one or two seats. May be it would have lost all seats... but it would have built some credibility. If Rajni had come out earlier, may be, BJP would have dared do it. I am not very sure how much of weightage Rajni's endorsement would carry... though we can safely assume that PMK would face some more hardships.

I am too skeptical abt the DMK alliance. Karunanidhi has become too outdated, and it's time for him to leave the stage. However, the successor to MK should be Vaiko, not Stalin. Sure, Stalin has some good administrative record to show, but it is Vaiko who has the greater stature and maturity to lead the state. Some folks have hesitation in supporting Vaiko because of his support for the LTTE. They should bear in mind that every leader on this side of the Gulf of Mannar, be it Indira Gandhi or Rajiv, MGR or Karunanidhi, has supported the LTTE at some point of time or the other. The Eelam issue is quite sentimental to this day in TN, though the support for LTTE itself has waned. Vaiko has not done anything outside the pale of the law in support of LTTE. Providing support for LTTE could be wrong, and illegal, when it is a banned orgn. However, arguing for a lifting of the ban should not be... which is what he was arrested for. I personally have some respect for the man. Let's see if he keeps it.

More on the TN sitn later.

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