Sunday, April 25, 2004
Our foreign affairs "knowledge"

These are the headlines in the "International" section of The Indian Express. Tell me if you find a single one of them important or insightful. Is it any surprise that many Indians have an unhealthy contempt for "western" lifestyles or ideas? I believe this is highly unhealthy for India.

Scottish teens steal skull to use as puppet
Naked man chases woman to protest wrong parking
Boy survives nine-storey fall in Hong Kong
Half-naked New York couple cause stir
Dog feels below par after eating 28 golf balls
Rampant rhino gets erotic with car
Waitress serves detergent instead of schnapps
Couple charged with indecency for holding hands
Last part of forged Hitler diaries to go on sale
Germany may no longer frown upon sex in barracks
Buddha bikini upsets believers
Bangladeshi judge loses job for taking bribe

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