Thursday, April 15, 2004
Outing Out magazine - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED: "...his life is in shambles: He was recently arrested for DWI; he's writing bad checks on a closed bank account; he dropped out of school a year ago; he doesn't have a job; he bounces from house to house; he's racked-up huge bills for friends and family that he cannot pay; he's been taken to court by former friends to get money he owes them; he's lied to friends, saying his "famous dad" was going to send money to pay his debts; and he has a trail of wrecked friendships and family relationships"

Well... I do not get it. In the first part, Terry Randall whines on and on about the son selling the family privacy for cash. And then, he goes on to list all his alleged misdemeanors on a news paper with a much wider readership than Out magazine. Hipocrisy at its best.
BTW, if Randall is ready to pay for "Love in Action," and his son wants to go to it so badly, why is he not there right now? Ummm.... am I missing something here?

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