Friday, April 16, 2004
Poem of the day

Could not resist another Bharathiar song:
There should be firmness in my heart
and sweetness in my words
and goodness in my thought.
What is near should be attained,

what I dream should be realized....
and should be achieved soon.
I want money, and happiness,
and fame in the world.

The eye should be open,
and my acts should be firm.
I want women liberated,
and the Great God should protect (us).

The soil should be fruitful
and the vast skies (space?) should be seen here
And the Truth should be established
Om. Om. Om.

The Thamizh version:
manadhil urudhi vEndum
vAkkinilE inimai vEndum
ninaivu nalladhu vEndum
nerungina poruL kaippada vEndum

kanavu meippada vEndum
kaivasamAvadhu viraivil vEndum
dhanamum inbamum vEndum
dharaniyilE perumai vEndum

kan thirandhida vEndum
kAriyaththil urudhi vEndum
peN vidudhalai vEndum
periya kadavuL kAkka vEndum

maN payanura vEndum
vAnagam ingu thenpada vEndum
uNmai ninRida vEndum
Om Om Om.

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