Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Re: A law unto itself

Well, since the article appeared on The Frontline, I would take it with a pinch of salt. However, I am sure that when people like Uma Bharathi are made head of the government, extremist elements are bound to feel energized.

I do not see why it is such an insult to the deities. If you notice, these guys are so intent on humanizing deities - what would be an insult to you, would be an insult to the Deity, which is not really true. They cannot quote a single scripture or philosophical discourse in support of this contention.

One interesting aside... I once co-wrote a skit, along with my cousins, called "Modern Ramayana," where Rama and Sita are portrayed "differently." Sita asks Rama to get her not a deer, but a Maruti car (which was then insanely popular). The skit ends with Rama spraying Ravana with bullets from an AK-47. The entire skit had Tamizh film songs that were altered a bit to suit the situation. It proved quite popular family in my extended family.

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