Tuesday, April 13, 2004
What type am I?

This is a very good site that gives ur IQ, and a bunch of other analyses about ur mind.... I found that their analysis are generally correct (and I crosschecked it by sending some of my reports to my close friends). You could pay $12.99 and take a load of other tests and get very detailed reports.

BTW, in one particular test (the Super IQ test), they classified people into these categories: Linguistic Architect, Analytic Detective, Creative Theorist, Complex Intellectual, Conceptual Synthesizer, Numerical Logician, Concrete Thinker, Information Organizer, Intuitive Interpreter, Detail Specialist, Practical Wordsmith, Imaginative Mastermind, Visual Linguist, Original Thinker, Intuitive Investigator

As much as I would have wanted to be a Numerical Logician or Creative Theorist, I happen to be an Intuitive Investigator.

Another result: turns out, Rachit has more IQ than I do :((.

Inspite of that result, I heartily recommend that site.

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