Thursday, May 06, 2004
And the Pandora's Box keeps flipping its lid :-)

I know this is a very, very sticky issue out here.... but I am going to go ahead anyway. The whole idea of having this blog is to flush out ideas, and having people of different hues write here is to have different ideas expressed. There might even be bitterness... but then, that would still be reflective of the nature of the debate.

This exchange between conservative commentators Jonah Goldberg and Andrew Sullivan captures the very skirmish that takes place out here (mostly between Carl and I).


Andrew expresses here very well the same idea I have been repeating time and again - just because you do not (or think you do not) have a neighbor, or a son or a friend, who is not affected by the issue at hand, if you ignore it, or are even indifferent to it, you are putting yourself in a a bad place. It's only a matter of time before you fall in that same situation.

This is exactly what keep coming out (!!) when we argue out here.

Carl says he doesn't think it's big deal that a minute number of people are being denied some rights that are not vital to leading their lives anyway (it's not like they are being sent to concentration camps!), and besides, the decision is only an expression of the popular will.

I keep saying that if popular will is given such a pre-eminent position that it is allowed to override the individual choices one could take as a part of their private lives, it would end up denying everyday rights for all of us - individually. Thus, Carl would not be able to decide who his roomie could be, without convincing all his neighbors (who do not have any damn thing in their lives affected by his decision anyway) that he is not upto bringing fire and brimstones on Columbus from up Above. Individual rights need to be overrule popular will up until it affects the safety of others.... that is the only way every one would be safe. Remember, all of us are a minority one way or the other.

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