Thursday, May 13, 2004
That is how I feel. Some are angry that an Italian is becoming the PM. Personally, I think that is the wrong reason to feel bad about. What really irks me is that they elected a government knowing nothing about what they intend to do. There was, and is, a complete absence of ideas in the Congress ranks. Who knows what their policy on Kashmir is? On liberalization is? On deficits is? The only "ideology" Congress parrotted was the cynical Secularism mantra. And yet, they won - on sheer populism. We proved once more that we are not a nation that is ready to march ahead. We like to gripe, and complain about every person who does things that are necessary, sincerely.

Of all insults, the worst was the massive strength of the Communists in the new Lok Sabha.

We have harked back to the days of our Royalty. The Restoration is on.

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