Saturday, May 15, 2004
Hate BJP campaign, fueled by the ideologically bankrupt left, reaches the blogosphere.

Let's fisk the claims of Ms.Dutta in this:
1. There is a presumption of guilt in stating that any correction of the history, written solely by leftist historians such as Romila Thapar, is a distortion. History is, and will always be, what a country wants to look at itself as. The intellectuals who wrote our textbooks were deemed "authorities" with no process that sought to take people with differing opinions on board. Now that the same process is repeated by the opposite camp, Lefties are crying foul. What goes around, come around.

2. About banning Lane's book.... Ummm... would some one please remind me why the incoming Prime Minister, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, supported the ban on Salman Rushdie's "The Moor's Last Sigh"? Or, as early as 1962, why Stanley Wolpert's "Nine hours to Rama" and Mark Robson's “Paton Place Fame” were banned? Oh, let's not forget the case of the "City of Joy," which Communists thought deserved to be stopped violently, since the images starving masses of poor people wallowing in filth was an "insult" to Calcutta. It is this very crowd that demanded a ban on Wolpert's Nehru, because it alluded to homosexual encounters that Nehru allegedly had during his days in England (I have read the book, and it does not have anything that forthright says so). This is kettle calling the pot oppressor!

3. The ultimate case of a sophism: "is that in Gujarat, where CM Narendra Modi who almost personally supervised the pogrom against Muslims is still in power" [emphasis added]. How do you "almost" personally supervise something?

4. Oh, I do not think she is a Congress supporter, alright. There is a big group of "intellectuals" in India who are, in big majority, left wing (there are some right wingers too.... right wingers who could start claiming intellect are usually harder to come by), who know what they oppose - everything that anybody else does. Their self-righteous liberalism is just a thin veneer that covers their cynicism. These are the same folks who, when given power, would do the same things that they now crow about. Want an example? Jawaharlal Nehru (who actually personally sat through a cabinet viewing of Nine Hours to Rama, and then decided to ban it.)

Nothing fills me with contempt as these people.

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