Tuesday, May 04, 2004
'I was tortured for days by American soldiers' - Newindpress.com
It is unbelievably bad, the way these guys have been treated. If true, it would be very, very grave. Remember that these were not Iraqis, and the American soldiers should have known this. In which case, their ill treatment was borne out of pure racial and religious hatred.

The real importance of these allegations is being missed by American media in their worry about the possibility of an increase in anti-American violence in Iraq, and the rest of the Islamic world. Remember, this is pruported to the the ultimate idealists' war. The underlying theme of this war is that democracies produce better citizenry, and introducing democracy in the Arab world is the best way to pacify the region. However, any claims to moral superiority of American citizens, and generally, products of democracies would be instantly denuded and exposed as mere fallacy if it is proved that these grave and shameful violations are systemic, and not just a case of bad apples. Iraq would then become a mirror held up to America when she goes preaching the values of freedom. That would be a very bad defeat, indeed.

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