Thursday, May 20, 2004
People's verdict

Just to drive the point home -- before people say that the majority in India apparently have no peoblem with Sonia being PM --

Hearing aid for her inner voice
It is a gross misrepresentation of the people's verdict that the majority in the country endorse Ms Gandhi's prime ministership. It is meaningless to speak of endorsement or rejection of one who was never projected as the prime ministerial candidate during the elections. The Congress had deliberately shied away from projecting a prime ministerial face keeping the janata in suspense till the elections were over. The Congress, on its own, fought on 417 seats, out of which it won only 145; a poor success rate of 35 per cent. Can't we then conclude that 65 per cent of people also rejected Ms Gandhi? With 145 seats on its own, a wafer-thin margin separates the Congress from the BJP which won 138 seats. Moreover, as a senior television journalist recently put it: "Congress with 141 seats should realise that no revolution has taken place in the country."

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