Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Piquant relationships between players in Tamil Nadu that might play out in Delhi now... here are the complications. Try to follow, okay?

AIADMK is in power, and is allied with BJP.

DMK, the main opposition party is allied with Congress. They are hoping to be back in power in 2006. But, with their leader Karunanidhi reaching his 80s, questions on what happens after him have been raised. The designated successor is his son, MK Stalin. However, it is doubtful if this one can fill the shoes of his larger-than-life father.

MDMK, led by Vaiko, is hoping that with Karunanidhi's passing, DMK will totter, and it will be able to take the place of its parent party, the DMK. Vaiko is arguably more popular than Stalin is. The problem is that Karunanidhi is as wily a politician as they come. He is determined to thwart Vaiko's plans.

Now, MDMK is in a piquant position - it cannot ally with NDA, because AIADMK will shadow it out. Will they sit it out?

PMK has one enemy in the state - Actor Rajnikant. Rajni came out in support of BJP before the polls, and might be irked if they join hands with PMK again. BJP wants to retain the popular actor's support. It was a miracle that he decided to openly support BJP (though he did not campaign for them), inspite of its alliance with AIADMK, whose leader Jayalalithaa is no friend of Rajni.

If the DMK becomes a powerful constituent of the ruling alliance at Delhi, then they will secretly push for the dismissal of Jayalalithaa government. That way, Karunanidhi can lead DMK to one last victory, and possibly pass the mantle safely to his son.

Go figure.

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