Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Re: American captive beheaded

I watched the actual video. There is only one conclusion that I could come to. The people doing this want war. They do not want negotiations - only a brutal reprisal from the Americans. They seek it, because they know that it will only be the beginning.

Note this well, NOW. We are at war - whether we like it or not. I have no idea how we will win it - and when I say we, I mean all humanity, not just Americans. I do not care if UBL is killed, I do not care if America has to apologize for Iraq war. I just want this war to end. It can end in only one way.

Some conservative commentators believe only Bush could lead this effort - like him or not. But no, I do not believe so - I believe the opposite. I think President Bush will only be too willing to give them what they need. I am afraid he has played into their hands. It is not hard for me to imagine UBL releasing a tape nearer November, endorsing Dubya.

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