Monday, May 17, 2004
Re: Opposition to Sonia candidature to PMship

1) Top BJP leaders have shown enough grace in defeat. Sonia has not been magnanimous in her surprise victory.

2) The Congress was not clear about Sonia being its PM candidate. they prevaricated several times. So it is far fetched to say that the public voted on a "Vajpayee vs Sonia" basis. That's utter BS.

3) Sonia being PM is being greeted with shock across the board, even by those who voted against the BJP.

4) By nominating herself PM candidate, Sonia has displayed utter contempt for us Indians. For the last few years several Congressmen also voiced reservations. Clearly, Sonia was the consensus candidate in the Cong-I because of the competing power struggles within that party without one single statesmanlike leader emerging. That is what allowed this Italian bahu to dream of becoming PM of the world's largest democracy. It is reminiscent of how the Brit colonialists were first used by competing Rajas and Nawabs, and finally took it away.

Sonia and her clearly identifiable clique are a national security threat, and that's a fact. pre- or post-election, something has to be done to make sure trouble is avoided.

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