Thursday, May 06, 2004
Re: Unemployment, migration, and 'sons of the soil'

Very important topic Ramki. Adding ethnic chauvinism to a nation-wide unemployment problem is a bad idea. They can enforce language if they like, but race or ancestry cannot be a criteria.

Migration is the only way, and must be regulated effectively. The economic development mandarins have to publicize a plan to spread economic activity in the countryside. There is already a plan that has been talked about from time to time. The PMGSY is part of that plan. Mr.Gupta (in Ramki's article) should have spoken of that instead of only painting fearsome portraits of the future.

After this election it is likely that some huge infrastructure projects will be taken up, providing a lot of employment. Let's wait and see.

Lastly, the govt has to work on that social security net by improving the tax structure, etc. In the competitive subsidy game, we can't have a race to the bottom.

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