Thursday, May 06, 2004
Rise above the 'sons of soil'

Interesting perspective. My dilemma is that, with so many people entering Maharashtra ins earch of better prospects, it causes an immense drain on the resources, especially if the immigrants are concentrated in a few big cities like Mumbai and Pune. Look at Mumbai for example. The number of people coming in are way too many for the city to handle. Thus, it leads to the creation of more slum areas, drain on limited resources, and greater crime rates. My suspicion is that Maharashtra is a net recipient of human resources i.e. more people enter M'rashtra than leave it. I am not sure of the net increase in 'productivity' and 'value add' because of the rise in the number of immigrants.

I don't agree with the sons of the soil argument, but at the same time, something needs to be done to prevent the issue I raised above. Problem is, I dont know what.

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