Saturday, May 15, 2004
A Sorry State, indeed!

I am no less apoplectic than Matt Frost about this editorial in WaPo.

Frost does not list the problems he had with the plan. Let's see...
1. What if the leader that we foist on Iraq is badly chosen (knowing Bush admn, there is better than good probability that it would be so). What if he waits till the end of the occupation, uses the "fact" that he had beaten back the Americans to rally Arabs around him, and sets abotu challenging the world order? In essence, what if he is a turncoat? By the way, a person who collaborates with a diabolic plan like this, most probably has to be one heck of a cunning guy, right??

2. What if the new leader does NOT call in the UN? What if he calls on his Arab brethren to help out with the reconstruction, or other anti-US forces, promising oil in future?

3. And BTW, did we not already try choosing a leader, promoting him? What is Chalabi doing now, anyway?

4. Hidden in this stupid plan are two mutually contradicting assumptions - that we do not have the troops to fight the Iraqis, and are already in a position to withdraw, even if it means surrendering it to a new despot, and that we are strong enough in Iraq to fight all forces that might challenge us (excepting the chosen One, of course). Hmmmm.... WaPo might need an Ombudsman now.

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