Thursday, May 13, 2004
Vajpayee's high ground, Sonia Gandhi's road ahead

Shekhar Gupta has written one of the best pieces of op-ed I have ever read. A moving tribute to the man who was the PM, a warm welcome to the PM-to-be, and a word of caution, that is couched in wisdom that comes not, but by a long, and constant search for what the heart of India wants.

There is this loud scream in my brain that says that this was a capitulation by the Indian electorate - a condemnable act of mass laziness that seeks to find the easy - and free - way to get the daily lunch, future be damned. But after reading Mr.Gupta, there is one small whisper in my heart that says may be, he is right. In which case, no one - not the Gandhis, not Vajpayee, not Advani, will get away with making anything less than full justice to their positions - which would be the supreme democracy.

I was having a discussion with a professor from the Political Science Dept last week. I had said then that the Indian people have become more demanding... and said that when people start demanding the service, they get it. I hope I got the results wrong because I never knew just how much demanding they had become - not how little.

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