Thursday, June 03, 2004
>Ummm... I do not get it. If it is a Hindu symbol, why is it on the courthouse building anyway? Is that not like.... having the Ten Commandments in the premises?

The name "Bhaarata" is also Hindu. It implies that all citizens of this land are spiritual descendents of King Bharata. We should change that also. Moreover, the chakra on the national flag is Buddhist, and so is our national symbol, the Ashoka pillar-head. Moreover, post-independence, various prominent places in the national capital have been named after people like Chanakya. He explicitly based his writings on ethics and political economy on the Vedas, and insisted on establishing the superiority of communal Vedic culture at the expense of other "barbarian" cultures. This is not acceptable. Same with other government awards like Arjuna award, etc.

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