Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Blogging about (though not from) The Convention

Thank you C-SPAN, for the gavel to gavel coverage of the convention... and NPR for it's broadcast at the times I am in my car. :)

Kennedy, first. I was already expecting a partisan speech, given that the Senator had been given a slot on the day the networks were not carrying his speech (or was the TV schedule decided after the slots had been allocated?), and that he was not going to take the prime time slot even on that day. But boy, was it targetted at the partisans! It was a stinging attack - the kind you heard all along the primaries trail - all red meat.

Dean... I could not resist feeling sad for this chap - after Gore, he is the one who would be feeling the sting of this not being his convention. And he did say it aloud. At the same time, I could not help being quietly satisfied that he is not going to be the guy giving the acceptance speech Thursday. When he started listing states where Dems are going to be proud to call themselves that, I did feel a tinge of anxiety - knowing full well what happens when he goes name-our-50-states.

Missed Gephardt's speech - can't remember if I was shopping or just nodded off the moment I saw him.

Ron Reagan. Man, if ever there was a case of Oedipus Complex!! But to be fair to Ronnie Jr, Fmr First Lady, Nancy Reagan, has also declined to speak at the GOP convention, making it clear that Ron is not the only Reagan who is not for GOP this time. What was very striking to me was that when Reagan listed the diseases that could be (potentially be) cured using Embryonic Stem Cells, he did not mention Alzheimer's Disease - the affliction that his father succumbed to. It could possibly be because the scientists are not really sure if stem cells would be very effective against AD, as say, again Parkinson's (AD affects the whole of the brain. Stem cells are very useful where there is a clear target region). Though he refrained from endorsing Kerry, the Reagan family's opposition to W is now in sharp focus. - a sure call to the Reagan Democrats. Both Nancy and her daughter Patti Davis are said to be hostile to the White House now.

Chris Heinz... I liked his speech. He came across as a son genuinely proud of his mom, and as another, I could well relate to his emotion.

Teresa Heinz Kerry... I must say this - I loved the woman, but found it real hard to stifle a yawn or two. There is something so calming about her voice or delivery that it is soporific. But at some points, she sounds brisk. I could not place what gave this effect. But she has a bio that is pretty impressive. A brilliant woman - and one who would, yet again, contrast with Laura Bush in being an active First Lady.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Of late, I get a distinct feeling that I have moved further into the Democratic side of the political spectrum. More on this later.

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