Sunday, July 11, 2004
Instinctive Homophobia = Votes

Turns out Karl Rove and Bill Frist are not the only guys who have that equation figured out as the best way to win another term for Dubya. Here is the goold ol' Washington Times (you know, that paper owned by the crowned Messiah, Rev. Sung Myung Moon, who promotes Tru Families etc etc).

Let's see what all stereotypes I could pick up in the first glance through -

1. First, the French.... ah, the surrender monkeys make such a great punching bags in a nation that takes great pride in freeing them - forgetting it was the French who helped free America! So, French men are fags... while the, ahem, the straight-laced South Carolina boys are not (Lawrence and Garner take note!!). Thus it is only M. Kerry who would try kissing Edwards - and Edwards would slap him if it happens!

2. Two men who touch each other have got to be gay... or rather, fags. They are incapable of self-control, cannot keep their legs crossed (hey, BTW, was it not Bush who tied up this groins in order that shows up bulging in his airman clothes?!).

3. Oh, of course, fags cannot come from reserved and genteel families. And it's an American tradition to poison fags - Mary Cheney take note.

4. This is the best.... at the closing, there is a concession that Kerry could not be gayish - you see, he valiantly fought the Viet-Cong. Something the femmes could not possibly do. Those 10,000 gays who have been fired from the military under don't ask don't tell, please note.

The kicker came in the end - I should concede it was a lesson in subtlety... November is only five months away - the implication being the George "John Wayne" Bush would send the effeminate Kerry packing to the Chateau in Anjou.

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