Saturday, July 31, 2004
Thamizh song of the week:

This song was written by pAvEndhar (King of Poetry) Bharathidasan (he was an ardent fan of Bharathiar).
A beautiful rendition of this song can be found here (Click on the third song).

sAdhi mallip poocharamE
sangathamizh pAchcharamE
Asai enna Asaiyadi
avvaLavu Asaiyadi

[Ye, who is like a] string of jasmine flowers,
[Ye, who is like] verses of Tamizh songs,
I have so much longings...
so much do I long to do

ennnendRu kaNNE ingu
munnE vandhu kEttukkO
kAdhalil uNdAgum sugam
ippOdhu maRappOm
sangathamizh thoNdAtru
adhai munnEtRu
pinbu kattilil thAlattu

Hearken to these,
come nearer, and hear me.
Let us, for now, forget the pleasures of love.
We should serve the Sanga(classical) Thamizh,
We should improve Thamizh...
and then would we play on our bed.

enadhu veedu enadhu vazhvu
endRu vAzhvadhu vazhkkaiyA
irukkum nAngu suvarukkuLLE
vAzha nee enna kaidhiyA

What kind of a a life is it to live
thinking only of our own hearth and lives?
Are we jailbirds to be restrained
by our four walls?

dEsam vERalla
thAyum veRalla ondRu thAn
nattaik kApadhum
thaiyaik kApadhum ondRu thAn

The country is not different from our Mother.
Protecting our country,
and protecting our mother is the same.

kadugu pol un manam irukkak koodAdhu
kadalaip pol virindhadhAi irukkattum
unnaip pOl ellOrum enRu eNNOnum
adhil inbaththai thEdOnum

Our minds should not be like a tiny mustard seed...
It is should be spread open, like the ocean.
You should treat others, as you would treat yourself
and achieve happiness in doing so.

ulagam ellAm uNNum pOdhu
nAmum sAppida eNNuvOm
ulagam ellAm sirikkum pOdhu
nAmum punnagai sindhuvOm

Only when the whole world could eat,
we should think of eating...
Only when the whole world smiles,
should we seek to smile.

yAdhum oorena yAru sonnadhu solladi
pAdum nalthamizh pAttan sonnadhu kaNmaNi
padikka than pAdala ninaichup pArththOmA
padichchadhai ninaichchu
nAm nadakkath thAn

After all, was it not our forefather
who said all places are our native place?
Are those poems just to read?
Have we dwelt on their meaning?
They are there for us to learn and
live according to them!

kEtukkO rAsAththi
thamizh nAdachchu
indha nattukku nAmachchu

Hearken to me, my dear, this our our country...
our dear land, this Thamizh Nadu,
and we will be there for this land.

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