Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Be Afraid - Be VERY Afraid

Iraq now qualifies for the Q word - quagmire. The presidential challenger, John Kerry, has in the clearest policy speech yet, clearly come out against continuation of the occupation - or owning up the pieces of the shattered state that Iraq is.

Meanwhile, the President's men are continuing with their secret plans safely away from the public knowledge. And what a surprise, they seem to agree with John Kerry! (Thanks Andrew for that tip.)

If the US cuts and runs now, Iraq would go down in one fiery mess. And if it does, a withdrawal by the US is going to be very bloody and messy. And the consequences of that would haunt the US for a long time to come. Iraq has a lot more population to contribute to terrorism than Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

Having opposed the stupid, audaciously idealistic ideas of the neo-cons all this while, I find myself now panicking that they are losing control. These guys piled us all into one huge car, revved it to 200 mph, and now are clueless on how to handle the steering. If they lose control, we all will be in for one bad careening disaster.

Be afraid, VERY afraid.

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