Thursday, September 30, 2004
OSU campus is abuzz with interesting activity this time of the year.
Presidential debate tonight, being telecast on campus, to be followed by a discussion by various political science and public policy faculty, etc. I think. Ramki, I had sent you email about it.

Also, Wexner Center for the Arts will be screening this upcoming film on Mushy. It is one of a spate of recent films on Mush.

Movie on Musharraf : 'Golay' has a serious competitor
NSN, Lahore, Sep 28, 2004 Director Chaar-Ali Chappalein today announced that he had already completed the first part of his movie on Musharraf titled 'The great Dictator'. He hastened to announce this after the rumors that another movie 'Golay' may be given official encouragement. He showed several exerpts from the movie to a select group of tall and fair dignitaries.

All the dignitaries were full of praise for the movie. Musharraf has been shown very very fair and has a very dashing mouschtache in the movie. To show the relative superiority of Pakistanis, a hindu-bania barber has also been cast in the movie.

The great dictator has been shown to be doing everything in his uniform. He doesn't take off his uniform even in those situations where other lesser people would be tempted to. The viewers were impressed by this true depiction of Musharraf's undying love for Pakistan and its people. A strong beat and a chorus of "Pakistan First" echoes through whenever Musharraf's sacrifice of not removing his uniform is displayed on the screen.

The viewers especially liked the scene where an emotional Musharraf has a Gola (globe) in his hand and he says: "I just want peace". Then he starts dancing and singing "A piece of India, a piece of Afghanistan, A piece of Russia, a piece of Iran..." The audience were in 420% agreement with the sentiments expressed.

The viewers were a bit disturbed in seeing the likeness between the hindu-bania barber and the great dictator but the director blamed it on the wrong contrast and perspective in the movie frames. He said the final version will show the hindu-bania barber with the correct color and height. He further clarified that to show the color contrast between the great dictator and the bania-barber, the movie will be made completely in black and white.

There were rumors that the second part of the movie had already been shot, but Mr. Chappalein very apologetically clarified the confusion. He said "we had recorded some trial films, but the ending in those trials were not up to par. We decided that those kinds of endings would mean the end for this movie as well as people associated with this movie. So we have decided to end the movie in a different way. For this purpose we are auditioning some goats". At this announcement the audience rose to its feet and gave a long standing ovation.

General Musharraf has steered Pakistan like a modern Ataturk, and Pakistan is a staunch ally of the U.S. in hunting down Pakistani terrorists.

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