Monday, September 27, 2004
Slightly dated report.

Pakistan to give a fitting reply to India's fence
Islamabad Aug 1, 2004 (AST Media): Pakistan's Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat announced that Pakistan is determined to give a tit-for-tat response to India on the latter's diabolical plot to build a strong fence on the Line of Control (LoC). In a press conference today Hayat declared that since India was not amenable to Pakistan's entreaties on stopping the fence work, Pakistan was going ahead full speed on building its own fence on its side of the LoC as a fitting reply to India's intransigence.

Mr. Hayat claimed that Pakistan requested India not to fence the LoC as it would be against the international norms and against the wishes of Kashmiri people. The minister said that the Pakistani Govt even offered to pay for the dismantling of the already finished portion of the LoC fence but India refused to play ball - instead India sent its cricket team to play ball with Pakistani cricket team. The two sides played a series of games that the Pakistani team lost resoundingly.

The minister said that this intransigence of India had left Pakistan with no option but to retaliate by building its own fence on its side of the LoC. He assured the reporters at the presss conference that Pakistani fence would be stronger and more hi-tech than India's and would become a symbol of Pakistani Science and Technology advancement and prowess. It would be ten times stronger and would carry ten times more electricity than Indian fence. He also thundered that this step was now irreversible and Pakistan would not dismantle its fence even if India begged it to or even if India dismantled its own fence.

The contract for building the fence is expected to be awarded to one of the Fauji Foundation subsidieries.

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